How can I opt out of AT&T Stream Saver?

Most AT&T subscribers will find that Stream Saver saves their data plan without significantly impacting video quality. However, there are some situations when streaming video quality must be maximized. Stream Saver is enabled by default on all compatible devices. How can I switch Stream Saver off on my device?

AT&T Mobility

There are two ways to opt out of AT&T Stream Saver and restore full-quality streaming video on your mobile devices. Note that stopping Stream Saver will increase data plan usage when playing video over a cellular data connection.

Call an AT&T representative

Dial 611 from your iPhone to contact AT&T customer service. Representatives can switch Stream Saver off or turn it back on after verifying your account information.

Turn off Stream Saver in Account Settings

Postpaid AT&T subscribers can access their account settings using the free myAT&T iOS app, or online via the myAT&T website.

AT&T GoPhone customers can switch Stream Saver on or off from their account page at

Note that Stream Saver can be switched back on at any time using the same process.