Periscope brings LIVE 360 broadcasting to iPhone

Periscope LIVE 360

Periscope has offered live 360-degree broadcasting capabilities for some time. Now the streaming video company is rolling out panoramic video broadcasting support to iOS users. This means anyone with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can create videos with a "LIVE 360" label, using a panoramic camera such as the Insta360 Nano.

Periscope introduces 360 video in their help center. When viewing a 360-degree live video or replay, Periscope users on iOS can tap and hold to scroll around the scene. This allows viewers to look in any direction as the video is streaming.

Broadcasting in this manner delivers the entire scene in one shot. Users of the Insta360 Nano can go live directly in the Periscope app on iOS. Other cameras may require the use of Periscope Producer and configuration of the video stream under Settings -> Advanced Sources. To broadcast from an iOS device in 360-degree video, the latest version of the Periscope app is required.

Viewers can watch videos labeled "LIVE 360" across the range of Periscope apps on mobile devices, or in a web browser.

Get Periscope free on the App Store. Periscope requires iOS 9 or later and 101 MB of space to install.