Can I pair each AirPod to a different device?

AirPods normally pair to one audio source at a time, for stereo sound. How can I use each AirPod with a different phone? Can I pair one AirPod to my computer and the other AirPod to my smartphone? Will AirPods pair independently to different devices?

AirPods Pro

AirPods are designed to be used together. Pairing each AirPod to its own Bluetooth audio source does not work.

Despite some AirPods owners trying various methods to pair each AirPod to a different device, these tricks have mixed results. Pairing each AirPod separately requires distance between the two earphones, and will fail if both devices are linked to the same iCloud account.

While each AirPod can be used alone and rotated in and out of each ear to extend battery life, using both AirPods simultaneously while they are each paired to different devices is not possible.