How to get AirPods in 58 different colors

ColorWare AirPods

Looking for a pair of AirPods? The standard white version currently ships in six weeks, as demand has outstripped supply. While Apple does not offer different colors at this time, anyone willing to wait an extra 4-6 weeks longer can fully customize their AirPods thanks to ColorWare. The company offers 29 solid colors, 29 metallic colors and two different finishes to choose from.

Not only can each AirPod be painted a unique color, but the case can be painted as well. Besides having to wait for the 10-12 week turnaround, you might have guessed that ColorWare charges a premium for its services. Getting the perfect custom paint job isn't cheap, with the complete package running $339. These are brand new AirPods, which retail at Apple in white for $159.

If paying an extra $180 seems too steep, the case can be left in its original color to save $40. This brings the cost of custom painted AirPods down to an even $299. Anyone looking to preview how a specific color will look can purchase a package of three color samples for $15. The painting process voids Apple's manufacturer warranty, however ColorWare offers its own 12-month warranty on new AirPods and customers can purchase a 24-month extended warranty as well.

AirPods feature a custom Apple W1 chip, and the wireless in-ear headphones charge in their carrying case and connect between devices automatically. Since the W1 uses Class 1 Bluetooth, range is extended up to 400 feet. Several advanced components are built-in, such as beam forming microphones, infrared sensors to detect when the AirPods are in use, and accelerometers to detect gestures.

Check out all of the color options at the official ColorWare website.