iPhone-Specific Features in MobileMe

Now that you have your shiny new iPhone, should you spend another $99/year to subscribe to Apple's MobileMe service? MobileMe has replaced Apple's former .Mac service and now includes many useful features for iPhone users.

apple MobileMe iPhone

Apple is offering a free 60-day trial of the service, which includes 20GB of iDisk storage and 200GB of monthly file transfer bandwith. Here are some iPhone-specific features of MobileMe.

- Automatically syncs mail, contacts and calendar events over the air as soon as changes are made.
- Gallery allows instant publication of iPhone photos and videos to the web.
- iDisk free iPhone app makes it possible to access and share MobileMe iDisk files.
- Find my iPhone feature maps the location of a lost iPhone.
- MobileMe makes it possible to play sounds on a lost iPhone or send a message to the lock screen.
- Remote wipe feature deletes all data on a lost iPhone if the device can't be recovered.

The only way to get this additional functionality with your iPhone is to subscribe to MobileMe. Of course, if someone pulls out your SIM card the lost iPhone features are rendered useless.

$99 for 14 months of MobileMe comes out to seven bucks a month.


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