How to see already purchased apps on iPhone

App Store purchases

The iOS App Store can be used to find an app that was previously installed on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Viewing a list of past app purchases makes it possible to quickly and easily reinstall an app. A collection of apps associated with one Apple ID can even be searched for a specific app owned by the account.

The list of purchased apps includes free apps which have been downloaded previously, as well as any paid apps. Browsing a collection of apps provides a reminder of the games, utilities, and other apps you've used in the past.

To get a list of previously downloaded apps on your device, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the App Store and tap your account avatar
  2. App Store purchases 1
  3. Touch Purchased or My Purchases
  4. App Store purchases 2
  5. Choose Not on this iPhone
  6. App Store purchases 3
  7. Past app purchases are sorted by date. You can search for a specific app using the Search bar. Tap any cloud icon to re-download an app
  8. App Store purchases 4