Bing Optimized for iPhone Touch Screen

The mobile version of Microsoft's Bing search engine has been revamped and now supports touch screen devices such as the iPhone. The touch-optimized interface ( is currently only available to users in the US.

Mobile phones that don't support the touch interface are forwarded to a simpler version of the site. Microsoft has also added additional features to the mobile search engine including a visual search movie finder and a real-time data search. Examples of real-time information available include airline flight delays and NFL scores and stats.

Microsoft is working on expanding the number of devices that Bing mobile supports. For the time being, the iPhone, iPod Touch, T-Mobile G1, Verizon Imagio, Zune HD and Samsung Omnia are the only devices that can use the touch optimized search engine.

Search results are organized with four simple tabs separating different search types: web, videos, news and images. A link allows users to set their location so Bing returns relevant local results.

The home page has quick links at the top of the page for directions, map, weather and movies. If you want to see the desktop version of Bing on your iPhone there's a link to that at the bottom of the page.


Hello All,

I'm sure you will find this site interesting. It's a site that has an archive of all the bing home pages since launch day.

The mobile support for Safari on the iPhone is much better but I still prefer using the bingGo mobile search app. It's only 99 cents and it's far less clumsy to use.