AT&T/Cingular Email Confirms June iPhone Release

In the sea of iPhone non-news, this actually has some teeth to it, albeit tiny little soft ones. There's little if any doubt now that we'll see the iPhone in stores this June. Though the past few weeks have been wrought with skepticism about Apple and AT&T failing to meet the June mark they set months ago, an email sent out by Cingular/AT&T today confirmed that the iPhone will be available in June.

The email contained the following image:



The email indicates that AT&T intends to keep prospective consumers alerted to any changes or news regarding the iPhone release via their website.

Not long now, now we just hope for pre-orders.



Please send me the details of the Iphone release.

So it looks like this makes the store display report out of The Boy Genius Report legit too. Or seemingly so.

I saw this post and I thougth, "I am on the e-mail list. Why didn't I get it too?" Then I looked in my spam folder and there it was. Thanks for the info.

I would like to be placed on your list for iphone release information. I am an ATT and Cingular customer at this time..
Bud Dowdey