How to make free conference calls on your iPhone or iPad

Video conferencing is not always the best option when trying to hold a meeting with a lot of people. Services like Skype can lag, have audio problems and sometimes you just don't want to stare at each other. offers a free service whose goal is to "make sure charities, volunteers, and students all over the world have access to world class communication tools." The free app allows iPhone and iPad users to make free HD audio conference calls with up to 1,000 participants.

FreeConferenceCall uses the pay what you think is fair model. Users can decide how much they think the service is worth and pay accordingly. The suggested amount is $4 a month, but you can choose to pay more or less. This allows others who can't afford to pay for conferencing software the ability to connect all over the world.

The app allows you to skip over dial-in numbers and access codes which are a requirement if you sign up through the website. International calls do however require a dedicated dial-in number. Although international conferencing is still free in up to 65 countries.

FreeConferenceCall includes a variety of one-touch conferencing tools such as mute, record, lock, view participants, meeting invitations and the ability to save and store existing accounts. The app also offers free HD video conferencing and screen sharing, if you decide you want to go the visual route.

The Free Conference Call app is availble for free download on the Apple App Store. It is compatible with all devices running iOS 9.0 or later.

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