Apple Tablet: The New iBook?

New information has surfaced indicating that Apple will market the 10-inch tablet computer as an e-book reader in 2010. The latest buzz surrounding the device focuses on domains and trademarks registered indirectly by Apple such as iSlate.

However, if the Apple tablet indeed has its own App Store specifically for e-books, magazines and newspapers, why not revive the iBook name? With the iTunes platform Apple has already changed the face of digital music, and has recently moved into distributing film and television content.

Earlier this year several print companies were contacted by Apple about creating digital versions of their content. Apparently the pricing structure of the App Store works better for publishers than Amazon's Kindle, where Amazon keeps a majority of revenue.

One analyst has already forecast sales of 1.4 million units in 2010 if Apple releases a tablet computer for $600 in March.

The Apple tablet will likely run iPhone OS 4.0 or a similar operating system. Developers have already been asked to develop apps for a larger screen in preparation for an Apple media event in late January. Conflicting rumors have stated the tablet will be announced in June at WWDC.

iBook was a line of laptop computers sold by Apple from 1999-2006. The early models featured a brightly colored clamshell design with a handle that made the computers easy to carry.