Apple Tablet Announcement Confirmed

Save the date because on January 26, 2010 Steve Jobs will be making the product announcement everyone has been waiting for at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. This is according to ex-Google China president Kai-Fu Lee.

Lee stated that the Apple tablet will look like a large iPhone with a 10-inch screen, 3D graphics and a price under $1000. He claims that Apple plans to manufacture 10 million of the devices in 2010.

Lee, who left Google earlier this year and has worked for Apple in the past, expects the tablet to be lighter than a MacBook Air. Apple could partner with US cellular carriers to lower the cost of the device by offering wireless data plans.

The Apple tablet will feature a webcam for video chat, a virtual keyboard, and will function like a netbook and e-reader, according to Lee. Select developers have already been asked to prepare larger-screen versions of their apps for the January 26 Apple event.

Recent news indicates Apple has registered several names via other companies such as iSlate and Magic Slate.


confirmed? you mean its no longer a rumor but a fact that Apple will announce a tablet in January?

I guess we will see one January 26th if apple will be announcing there apple tablet