App Store Expense Monitor Totals Your iPhone Costs

You may not want to know how much you've spent on apps since you picked up your first iPhone. After all, most of the cost in owning an iPhone is in the monthly data plan, right? App Store Expense Monitor will calculate your app total automatically.

The program is free and runs on Mac OS X 10.5 or later. Simply run the program and it scans your iTunes library to determine what apps you've already bought. The software then checks the current price of each application and outputs a total cost.

If you bought an app on sale or it was selling for a more expensive price in the past, you can make manual adjustments within the program. Text files can be exported if you're interested in importing the information into a spreadsheet.

You can download the software directly from WetFish Software.

It's easy to tap the Install button when charges are magically added to your account behind the scenes. Thanks to WetFish for helping us pay more attention to our iPhone budgets in the new year.