Can I install a Google Search widget on iPhone?

How can I get a Google Search bar on iPhone? Can I put Google on my iOS home screen?

Google iOS search widget

Now that the iPhone and iPad support third-party widgets, iOS fans can easily add a Google search bar directly to their home screen.

The Google Search widget makes it possible to quickly enter a search term, use voice search, or snap a photo for image search without opening an app.

Follow these steps to get a Google search bar on your iPhone home screen:
  1. Install the Google app from the App Store
  2. Long press on the home screen to enter wiggle mode
  3. Tap the plus (+) button to add a widget
  4. Google iOS search widget 1
  5. Scroll down to the Google widget or enter "Google" in the widget Search field
  6. Tap the Google widget and swipe left or right to choose a size
  7. Tap the Add Widget button
  8. Google iOS search widget 2
  9. Drop the Google Search widget on your home screen
  10. Google iOS search widget 3