How do I disable mentions on my iPhone?

iOS 14 Mentions

iOS 14 introduced the ability to reply to a specific message in a group thread and use "mentions" to call attention to a specific message. Mentions highlights a contacts name within message and notifies a person even if they have that conversation muted. This feature is most useful in large group messages where a person may not be paying attention or has muted the conversation. You can use the mention feature simply by typing a contacts name and tapping it when it appears or by using @ followed by their name. This feature will only work depending on your contact's settings.

Here's how to disable this feature so you're not notified when someone mentions your name in a muted conversation:

Notify Me Slider
  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap Messages.
  • Tap the Notify Me slider so its OFF/not green.

You need iOS 14 or later to use the Mentions feature.