How to customize Mail swipe actions on iPhone

iOS Mail swipe left

The iPhone offers many options to quickly and efficiently manage a flood of emails to your inbox. Setting up iOS swipe gestures to interact with incoming email messages takes a moment. But once set up, these swipe actions can save an incredible amount of time by instantly dumping unwanted messages or moving emails to the right folder.

To customize the built-in iOS Mail swipe gestures, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Mail
  2. iOS Mail settings
  3. Scroll down and tap Swipe Options
  4. iOS Mail swipe settings
  5. Choose Swipe Left or Swipe Right to customize Mail gestures
  6. iOS Mail gestures
  7. Swipe Left options cannot include the Swipe Right setting
  8. iOS Mail swipe settings left

  9. Same deal with Swipe Right options
  10. iOS Mail swipe settings right

Once configured, swipe gestures in the Mail app will appear according to settings. Click here if you are having trouble adding Trash as a swipe option on your email account.