Finally, Copy and Paste on the iPhone (No Jailbreaking Required)

One of the most common gripes from iPhone owners is the lack of native copy and paste functionality. Though the topic has been often discussed, until now, no actual solution has ever arrived. Thanks to coder Preston Monroe, this functionality is now available on the iPhone in the form of a Safari bookmarklet. Named iCopy by Monroe, the bookmarklet provides the ability to copy and paste text within Safari or copy text and paste directly into email.

What might be welcome news to many ears is that, because iCopy is a bookmarklet, it does not require that your iPhone be jailbroken or otherwise hacked in order to work. iCopy works on normal, out of the box, or otherwise un-jailbroken iPhones.

The video below shows iCopy copying text from Safari and pasting the text into a newly created email:

iCopy is definitely in its early stages and Monroe indicates that more is to come. However, while the first solution of its kind, iCopy does have some noteable limitations. For one, you can only copy a paragraph of text, not a single line or other sub-selection. Also, iCopy doesn't work with every page - especially those containing frames. Most importantly, it is important that iCopy users understand that the text they copy/paste is added to the URL of the page their are browsing and the page is then reloaded with the text appended. This means that the copied text is sent unsecured over the internet. In other words, iCopy should NOT be used to copy private information.

Install iCopy on your iPhone by visiting on your iPhone.