Verizon in Negotiations With Apple Over iPhone Pricing

With the exclusive iPhone deal between AT&T and Apple ending this summer, Verizon is reportedly in negotiations with Apple to offer a CDMA version of the device on its network this year. Maynard Um from UBS Investment Research wrote a note to investors that stated, "We believe a CDMA-iPhone is also in the works, though we believe Verizon Wireless and Apple may currently be apart on pricing."

Um's research points to a new iPhone release this summer, including a CDMA network compatible iPhone for Verizon or other CDMA carriers in Japan and China. Ongoing negotiations between Verizon and Apple have been rumored to be happening frequently in recent months. The release of a Qualcomm hybrid chipset that supports multiple wireless network technologies has also added to speculation.

Conflicting reports from within Qualcomm have led some to believe that Apple will use the hybrid chip in a new version of the iPhone hardware. Apple has been moving to a multiple-carrier model in several countries as exclusive deals expire.

Verizon Wireless was the first company that Apple approached about selling the iPhone, however the company did not strike a deal. AT&T Wireless (formerly Cingular) ended up with the exclusive deal which expires later this year.

When it comes to competing with the iPhone, Verizon already carries the Motorola Droid, HTC Touch, BlackBerry Storm and Samsung Omnia. The company will soon offer the Google Nexus One and Palm smartphones on its network.


I sure hope that Apple gets another provider besides AT&T. I would hate to get rid of my iPhone but if AT&T stays, I have to leave as it's horrible even in NYC.


There is NO WAY that AT&T service in NYC isn't just as good as Verizon's. Otherwise would be suicide for AT&T.

Either you're a paid Verizon marketer disseminating misinformation, or you're a dimwit that has been totally brainwashed by Verizon's relentless advertising.

Either way, piss off.

Just because you enjoy eating At&t's garbage about the fastest and best doesn't me that everyone is. You are the dumbest person I know. If that person is a marketer for Verizon then they suck. And so do you for that matter...

I don't buy ANYTHING AT&T has to say. Or Verizon for that matter.

The point is that all the networks have their issues. Some have better coverage in areas than the others, while the converse is true in other situations.

Does Verizon have more tower coverage? Absolutely. Does AT&T offer 3G service that allows simultaneous data and voice while Verizon does not (a huge drawback for Verizon 3G customers)? Absolutely. Have tests shown 3G latency to be much lower on the Verizon network? Certainly. Does AT&T have 3G technology (HSDPA) that allows for MUCH faster speeds than Verizons EVDO technology? Without question.

The point is that both networks have their pitfalls. Them's the facts.

What none of us need is these brainwashed, moronic brand loyalists respouting Verizon and AT&T marketing. It is nothing more than uninformed dunces trying to justify their own expenditures.

It must be depressing to be so malleable and controlled by bad TV commercials.

Wow, Gotta love the facts all around.. I'm in the process of getting considering an I phone to consolidate corp & Personal email, only device that Corp security will allow besides BB which they block personal email. The network is an issue due to travel in remote places of teh country. My verison phone always works fine...
ENjoy the banter.

Grow up, dude. Learn how to form coherent sentences that make points without resorting to profanity, vulgarity, and immature/rude insults.

AT&T is terrible, unreliable, and overwhelmed in many major markets. Face the facts, buddy.

att is going straight down the tubes the day their contract is up. Bye bye

I am so excited! The whole reason I do not have an iphone is because it is only available for ATT and there is NO way I would switch cell phone carriers to them.

Jailbreak dude

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