How can I buy Holo (HOT)?

Can I trade HoloToken (HOT) cryptocurrency in the US? How do I buy HoloFuel ERC-20 placeholder coin?

Holo token (HOT) HoloFuel placeholder

Trading a crypto asset before it arrives at major US exchanges takes a few extra steps. If you are not comfortable transferring crypto between an exchange and a software wallet, learn more elsewhere before trying this at home.

There are two altcoins with the ticker HOT. This answer refers to the Holochain project (not the "Hydro Protocol"). Holo token will be swapped at a later date for HoloFuel. Holo token is a placeholder for HoloFuel.

Here is a summary of how to purchase $HOT:
  1. Buy ETH at an exchange such as Coinbase
  2. Transfer the ETH to a Uniswap compatible wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens
  3. Uniswap wallets
  4. Link the wallet to Uniswap
  5. Use Uniswap to convert ETH to HOT in your wallet. Make sure to check Etherscan to verify you are buying the correct HOT token