How can I buy CRYPTO20 (C20) coin?

How can I trade CRYPTO20 (C20) cryptocurrency in the US? How do I buy / invest in C20 coins?


Buying into a cryptocurrency asset early often requires extra knowledge and patience. Some tokens are not widely available for trading, but they can still be purchased and held in a crypto wallet. CRYPTO20 is billed as the first autonomous "token-as-a-fund". Invictus describes the token as an easy way for crypto investors to get exposure to the top 20 coins by market cap.

If you are not already comfortable transferring crypto between an exchange and a software wallet, do more research before attempting this process. This guide is not investment advice nor is it a recommendation to purchase any investment vehicle or asset.

The CRYPTO20 fund is rebalanced weekly and represented by a single token ($C20). Here are the steps needed to purchase and hold $C20:
  1. Check a site like CoinMarketCap to see what trading pairs are available. At the time of this writing C20/WETH (Wrapped Ethereum) is the only option
  2. Buy USDT (Tether) on an exchange such as Coinbase, Kraken, or Binance.US
  3. Transfer the USDT to a Uniswap compatible wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens
  4. Link the wallet to Uniswap
  5. Uniswap wallets
  6. Use Uniswap to exchange USDT to WETH in your wallet
  7. Use Uniswap to exchange WETH to C20 in your wallet

For more information on C20 see the official CRYPTO20 website from Invictus Capital.