How can I fix pink screen color on iPhone?

Why is my iPhone screen pink? How do I fix the pink screen bug on iPhone?

iPhone pink screen bug

Some iPhone 13 owners have experienced a software bug that turns the screen pink. Not only this, but the problem can cause other issues such as frozen apps or sluggish performance. In some cases, Apple has reportedly offered replacement iPhones for affected customers.

If the pink screen bug happens on your iPhone 13, take note of any running apps. If the issue happens when a particular app is open, that app could be the culprit. Try updating or deleting that app first.

Here are additional steps to help resolve the pink screen bug on iPhone:
  1. Turn off your iPhone and restart (power cycle)
  2. Update to the latest version of iOS from Settings -> General -> Software Update
  3. Update all apps to the latest version from App Store -> Account -> Update All
  4. Contact Apple Support for more help