What can Apple Watch do without iPhone?

What can Apple Watch do on Wi-Fi / cellular? Does Apple Watch work without iPhone?

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Apple Watch utilizes nearby Wi-Fi, cellular data plans, and pairing with an iPhone to stay connected. What happens when Apple Watch is away from its paired iPhone?

The Apple Watch can perform many functions solely over a Wi-Fi or cellular connection, no iPhone required. If your iPhone is not available, the Apple Watch can still do the things in this list:

  • Make and answer phone calls, use walkie-talkie
  • Send and receive iMessages / text messages
  • Use the Siri personal voice assistant
  • Get directions with Maps or the Find My app
  • Stream music, podcasts, and radio content
  • Use the Home app to to control HomeKit-enabled accessories
  • Set reminders
  • Check the weather and track stocks
  • Apple Watch also performs its offline functions without an iPhone nearby