What can Apple Watch do offline?

What apps work on Apple Watch without Wi-Fi or Cellular? What can I do on Apple Watch without a data connection?

Apple Watch

Apple Watch connectivity depends on built-in Wi-Fi, pairing with a nearby iPhone, and in some models a cellular network data plan. What happens when Apple Watch goes offline?

The Apple Watch can perform many functions offline, if the device becomes disconnected from wireless internet access or your iPhone is not available. Here is a list of what Apple Watch can do offline:

  • Keep time and perform clock functions such as alarm, stopwatch, and timer
  • Track workouts, activity goals, sleep, and menstrual cycles
  • Measure heart rate, blood oxygen, and take ECG readings
  • Show bearings in the Compass app
  • Play synced music, podcasts, or audiobooks
  • Show synced photos
  • Record voice memos
  • Use the Mindfulness and Noise apps
  • Make purchases with Apple Pay