Opera Crypto Browser launches on iPhone

Opera Crypto Browser

The world's first Web3 browser has launched on the iPhone, iPad, and other platforms. Opera's Crypto Browser delivers an integrated crypto wallet and easy access to Web3 DApps, with strong privacy and security features. The browser, which can be downloaded free on the App Store, is currently in beta. Opera's partnerships with DApps and metaverse platforms provide a smooth web browsing and Web3 experience like none other.

Members of the blockchain community including Polygon, Solana, Unstoppable Domains, Handshake, and ENS have already joined Opera's Crypto Browser Project, with more partnerships in the works. The browser includes a new, native non-custodial crypto wallet that is fully integrated and requires no extensions to use. Not only this, but a secure clipboard is included for safe copying and pasting of crypto addresses and other sensitive data.

Thanks to an array of built-in Web3-focused features in Opera Crypto Browser, DeFi, NFT, and GameFi fans can enjoy the decentralization and privacy that comes with blockchain technologies. Opera also offers the Crypto Corner, which is an intelligent start page delivering news and education centered around the world of crypto. With various sections such as Now, News, and NFTs, the Crypto Corner helps users stay updated about the fast-moving world of all things crypto.

Besides the integrated wallet, Opera Crypto Browser can be used with Metamask, Coinbase, or Binance wallets as well. The Opera Wallet currently supports ETH, ERC-20, and ERC-721 tokens, with ERC-1155 support on the way. Users can also purchase crypto with fiat currencies, swap crypto, send and receive, and check gas fees and wallet balance.

The Opera Crypto Project is working towards implementing Layer 2 in the browser to reduce transaction costs, increase speed, and lower energy consumption. In 2018, Opera launched the first web browser with a built-in crypto wallet. They continue their history of innovation by pursuing a multi-chain strategy with the goal of making crypto and Web3 as seamless as possible for users. Ultimately, the project seeks to bring blockchains and decentralized domain naming systems into the crypto browser for everyone to use.

Opera Crypto Browser is available for free on the App Store.