iOS 14 adds lots of new Memoji features


Apple has added several new face coverings, hair and headwear styles to Memojis in iOS 14. The new features are to help iPhone and iPad users to reflect a variety of different religions, hobby, profession, and personalities. You can learn how to create a new Memoji here, and how to edit an existing Memoji here, but first, check out some of the new features coming in iOS 14.

  • New Hairstyles: Apple mentions 20 new hairstyles in its official iOS 14 preview. New hairdos include man bun, top knot, and simple side part.
  • New headwear: Memojis will now be able to represent more religions and professions with several new hats, helmets, caps and so on.
  • Face Coverings: Make your Memoji COVID compliant with a face covering.
  • New Age Options: 6 new ages to choose from.
  • New Memoji stickers:: Hug, Fist Bump, Blush
iOS 14 Memoji Hats

iOS 14 is expected to launch alongside the iPhone 12 in fall 2020. The first public beta is now available. Remember, you need to download a new beta profile even if you are already enrolled in the beta program.