How can I run hidden iPhone applications?

How can I run hidden iPhone applications?

The iPhone allows up to 11 home screens. Including the dock, this means a total of 180 application icons can be visible at any one time (unless you use this firmware 3.1.2 trick to get more). The iPhone actually allows more than 180 applications to be installed.

Problem is that some of the icons will go missing. So how do you run these "hidden" apps? Open Spotlight to search your iPhone and run them from there.

If you're on the home page, swipe to the right to reveal the Search iPhone box (on the screen to the left of the home screen). Another way to get to Spotlight is to press the home button once when you're on the home screen.

Type in the name of the app you want to run and it will appear in the search results. Tap the search result to run the program. This works whether the app icon is hidden or appears on your home screens, so it can be a useful shortcut even if you have less than 180 apps.


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