When does iPhone Always-On display turn off?

Does the iPhone Always-on display ever turn off? What makes the the iPhone 14 Pro sleep?

iPhone Always-on display

One of the biggest changes to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max is the Always-On display. While this feature delivers updated information on Lock Screen widgets, some iPhone owners are concerned it will drain battery life unnecessarily. Some choose to disable the Always-On display in Settings.

Rest assured, iOS is designed to preserve battery life, even with the Always-On display. There are situations where the Always-On screen sleeps automatically. Here are the times when the Always-On display turns off:

  • When Low Power Mode is enabled
  • The iPhone is connected to CarPlay
  • The iPhone is in a bag or pocket
  • When the iPhone is face down
  • When a paired Apple Watch moves away from the iPhone
  • The iPhone has not been used for a while
  • When using Continuity Camera
  • When Sleep Focus is enabled