What is mental health logging on iPhone?

How can I use mental health logs on iPhone? What does mental health logging do?

Apple Health

Mental health logging on iPhone, first introduced with the iOS 17 update, is a feature designed to help users monitor and manage their emotional well-being. This tool is integrated into the Apple Health app, expanding its capabilities beyond physical health tracking.

With mental health logging, users can record their emotions and daily moods. It offers a user-friendly interface, allowing the input of current feelings in a straightforward manner. You can even set daily reminders to ensure consistent tracking.

The recorded data is then transformed into informative charts, enabling users to identify correlations between different health and life factors. This feature is especially valuable for those seeking insights into their emotional state and potential triggers.

Mental health logging also includes depression and anxiety assessments, typically only available in clinical settings. Users can now access these assessments from their Apple devices, assess their risk levels, connect with local resources, and even create shareable summary documents for healthcare providers. As always, Apple prioritizes data privacy for users, by securely handling mental health data.