How do I use multitasking on an iPhone with iOS 4 / iPhone OS 4?

How do I use multitasking on an iPhone with iOS 4 / iPhone OS 4?

Multitasking capability has arrived with iOS 4. Users with an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 who have the latest firmware installed can access the feature.

Any apps can run in the background. For multitasking features such as background music to work, the application running in the background must be updated to take advantage of the capabilities Apple has added to iOS 4.

To use multitasking:

1. Run an app.
2. Press the home button. Instead of quitting the app will run in the background (apps without background support will quit).
3. At any time, double press the home button.
4. All running apps will appear along the dock at the bottom of the screen, along with recently used apps that have quit.
5. Scroll left and right to see all apps running in the background or recently used.
6. Touch an app to bring it to the foreground or restart the app.

To quit an app running in the background (or remove a recently used app icon):

1. Double press the home button to bring up the apps running in the background.
2. Touch and hold an app icon.
3. Icons will wiggle. Press the red circle on the icon of the app you wish to quit.



Number 3 and 4 are wrong. If you double click the home button while in an app, every other running app will show up EXCEPT the app you're currently in. ONLY, and ONLY if you double click the home button on the home page, will every app currently suspended in the background be shownNot sure why this is; I would have liked it to actually show the app I was currently running while in the app.

This just basically means you CAN'T quit an app you are currently running with just one click anymore, you have to go to the home screen, double click, scroll to the app you were just in, touch and hold, then hit the red minus sign. I honestly can say that I hate this:(

I would prefer if it only would show the apps that are currently actively doing something. Right now you can end up with a lot of icons in the multitasking strip if you open lots of apps. No easy way to clear them out. Got 25 icons on the strip right now.

Not all the apps in the multitasking strip are running. Looking like some are just shortcuts to recently used.