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How to start your free Apple Arcade subscription on iPhone

How to start your free Apple Arcade subscription on iPhone and iPad.

Apple Arcade is up and running, and if you are a gamer you will be pleased to know that you get to play it for free for a month before deciding whether or not you want to pay the $4.99/month subscription fee. This means you and your family (you can share with up to 5 family members with a single subscription through Family Sharing) can play over 50 games, with new games arriving weekly.

Apple Arcade rumored to cost $4.99 a month

Apple Arcade Demo

We are in the age of subscription services. Physical media is all but dead except for those few collectors still holding on, and Netflix is no longer the only game in town. Every major media company from Disney to Apple have announced plans to launch their own streaming service. The latter, Apple, announced several subscription services earlier this year, but left out details such as pricing, launch dates and so on.

Apple ready to invest $500 million for its new Arcade service

Last week we looked at the gaming slump affecting the Apple App Store. It is unclear why 2019 has been devoid from good releases, but we speculated that it may have something to do with Apple's upcoming subscription service. The tech giant didn't spend much time on Apple Arcade at its Services event earlier this month, but the Finacial Times has since learned that Apple has budgeted more the $500 million for its gaming service.


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