Best of 2016

Apple announces Best of 2016 for App Store and iTunes

Apple Best of 2016

One week after we announced our favorite iOS games of 2016, Apple has released its annual Best of 2016 for the App Store, iTunes and iBooks. Apple editors chose the free photo editing app Prisma and Clash Royale as the best iPhone app and game of the year. Runner-ups include the photo filter app MSQRD, and one of our personal favorite games of the year, Reigns. The App Store hit Pokémon GO was listed as Breakout Hit of the year.

Best iOS games of the year [2016]

Pocket Mortys is not a review site. While we do test apps and games for articles, and even write the occasional review, we do not cover enough games to declare the best overall releases to the App Store. This list is a collection of our favorite games that we have played over the last year. It is not a list of the best overall App Store releases for 2016. There are a lot of popular games we did not cover that most likely deserve the title of best App Store release. We will leave that decision to Apple and other gaming sites that play more games than we do.

Here are some of our favorite App Store releases for 2016.

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