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Fitbit Announces MobileTrack for iPhone 5s Users

Fitbit announced today at CES that its MobileTrack feature is now available for iPhone 5s owners. The new addition to the free Fitbit iOS app allows iPhone 5s users to their track basic health and fitness activity.

Fitbit MobileTrack

MobileTrack taps into the M7 coprocessor in the iPhone 5s and helps owners keep track of their steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, plus more. The app also allows users to take advantage of Fitbit's in-app social and motivational features by allowing them to see their personal achievements with easy to use graphs and charts.

“We know there are many ways consumers like to track their fitness and want to enable as many people as possible to get the benefits of Fitbit activity tracking – and now anyone with an iPhone 5s can also download and use the Fitbit app,” said James Park, CEO and Co-Founder of Fitbit.

iOS App of the Week: The Walk

There are a billion fitness apps in the App Store, but developer Six to Start has found a creative way to make them more exciting and fun. The Walk is the follow-up to the developer's popular running game Zombies, Run!. Both apps are more than just boring pedometers, they're are games that encourage users to walk and run every day with by adding an interesting twist.

The Walk

In The Walk, your journey begins in Scotland after a bomb explodes in Inverness station. You're then given a package that could save the world and you must walk a certain distance in the real world to unlock more pieces of the mystery.

Everest App for iOS Helps You Reach Your Potential

If it feels like you are scaling Everest every time you try to achieve a goal, you are not alone. A new, free app named after the infamous summit is designed to help you meet and track your goals through calendar reminders, progress updates, and the support of an online community.

Once downloaded, you create a profile, add a milestone you want to reach, and then choose to either do it privately or share it publicly depending upon how much support you feel you need. EVEREST then asks you to create a series of steps you need to take in order to meet your goal. Push reminders are sent to you when those steps need to be completed.

Everest App iOS

Goals can be as simple as remembering to meditate once a day or to learn to cook ten dishes. Co-founder and CEO Francis Pedraza told TechCrunch the startup believes “the biggest untapped resource in the world is human potential,” and the point of Everest is to help you achieve that potential.

Reebok Announces New Fitness App for Apple and Android Devices

Reebok quietly launched a new fitness app for Apple and Android devices. The idea of the app is to get people to break out of their normal workout routines and try something new. The Reebok Fitness app allows users to create their own exercise programs by choosing the length of time and the activities they want to do. Activities include training, running, dance, yoga and walking. Users also have access to to videos, demos and tips from world-class fitness experts.

iPhone Fitness Apps

The app promises a "quick and simple" interface, and fun customized workout programs based on your favorite activities. The app also offers achievement breakdowns that you can share on your favorite social networking sites, calendar reminders for upcoming workouts, an archive of past achievements, and inspirational messages to keep you motivated.


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