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How to add your Apple TV to your Home app

How to add your Apple TV to the Home app on iPhone and iPad.

Apple's Home app is designed to be the hub from which you control all of your smart accessories, appliances and other systems around your house. If you have geared up your home with all the latest technology you could set your thermostat, control your lighting, turn on music/TV, set the alarm and much, much more, all from your iPhone. Usually, when you set up a new HomeKit ready device in your home, it has a QR code that will automatically add it to your Home app. For the Apple TV, however, you have to add it through the TV's settings. Here's how to do it:

How to add rooms and zones in iPhone's Home app

How to create rooms and zones in Home app for iPhone and iPad.

Apple's Home app is designed to be a control center for all of your HomeKit accessories - TVs, routers, thermostats, speakers, alarm systems, lights, fans and any other appliances or gadgets you might have connected. When setting up your home in the app it's a good idea to organize your accessories by room and your rooms by zone. For example, you could set up a living room and kitchen in a "first floor" zone, then you could turn the lights on or off in both simply by turning on the lights for that zone. Before setting up rooms and zones you need at least one accessory already added.

Apple updates HomeKit accessory listings

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Looking for a complete list of upcoming and available HomeKit accessories? Apple now tracks all of the certified HomeKit accessories on the market, which are stamped with the symbol "Works with Apple HomeKit". While Apple sells some HomeKit equipment itself, many items in the list are only available through other companies or retailers.

How to set up a home in the Home app

How to add and edit homes in the iOS Home app.

Apple's Home app, which debuted with iOS 9, allows you to control all of your HomeKit accessories such as audio systems, lighting, thermostats and security systems among others, from your iPhone or iPad. Before you start installing and adding accessories, you'll want to set up your home on the app first. After opening the app for the first time and going through the brief "Let's get started" intro, you will end up with the default "My Home." You can edit the name and change your wallpaper, add a new home and invite others who you want to grant control to. Here's how:

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