AAPL Stock Weekly Outlook: Prices flat as Q4 Mac sales improve

iMac 2015

After a slide last week, AAPL (NASDAQ:AAPL) stock opened Monday at $98.39 and pushed to a high on Wednesday of $101.13 before losing traction. Friday saw the week's lowest price at $95.53, with the stock rebounding later in the day to close at $97.08. Apple's stock price was essentially flat this week, losing $1.31 (-1.33%) over the five-day period.

iOS 4 Users Can Opt Out of Apple iAd Data Collection

Now that Apple's iAd mobile advertising solution has launched, some may be curious just how Apple intends to target customers with ads geared towards their personal tastes. Turns out that Apple will leverage data collected from 150 million iTunes users to help determine where to place ads.

apple iphone iOS 4 iAd logo

The apps you download, how long you use them, and which ones you delete delete are all known by Apple, as are any other purchases you make on iTunes. The company does not share this data with advertisers directly, but instead allows advertisers to select from different targeting options based on user preferences. Apple has already sold $60 million in mobile ads for its iAd system.

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