iOS 4.0.2

iPhone Dev-Team: About the iOS 4.0.2 Jailbreak

Anyone waiting around for an iOS 4.0.2 jailbreak will be waiting around for a long time if the iPhone Dev-Team has anything to say about the matter. Now that Apple has released a fix for the PDF exploit so cleverly used in JailbreakMe 2.0, the iPhone Dev-Team plans to wait it out until iOS 4.1 firmware launches to jailbreak again.

apple iphone ios 4.0.2 jailbreak

According to the development team, even though Apple is now shipping iPhones with firmware 4.0.2, which can't be jailbroken with JailbreakMe, releasing an interim solution before iOS 4.1 hits the streets would be a waste of time. iPhone 4.0.2 and iPad firmware 3.2.2 was released for the sole purpose of shutting down JailbreakMe, and protecting users from the PDF security hole that is bound to spawn malicious programs soon.

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