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iPhone 5S to Begin Production for Summer Release

Waiting for the iPhone 5S to launch before upgrading? If a report cited by AppleInsider is right, you won't be waiting too long. Apple is said to be readying for March production of the iPhone 5S, with a scheduled release date in June or July 2013.

Apple iPhone 5 black

The report comes from research by Jefferies analyst Peter Misek, who states that there are currently two Apple prototypes being tested. One of these devices is the upcoming iPhone 5S, while the other could be a rumored low-cost iPhone model set for initial launch later in 2013. Misek estimates that Apple will sell up to 44 million iPhones during the current quarter.

Apple's Low-Cost iPhone Could Launch Later This Year [Rumor]

It looks like the media will have to pick a new name for Apple's rumored low-cost iPhone, which has been dubbed the "iPhone mini" by some analysts. According to a report by the DigiTimes, Apple is planning to launch a "low-cost version of the iPhone for China and other emerging markets in the second half of 2013". However, sources in the supply chain claim the new iPhone will feature a larger display, instead of being a smaller version of the iPhone 5. If the rumor is true, Apple could use older components, like it did with the iPad mini, to keep the cost down.

Low-Cost iPhone

Some analysts believe Apple needs to release an affordable iPhone to compete with Samsung, who is expected to see a 35% growth over the next 12 months, according to Strategy Analytics.

“We expect Samsung to slightly extend its lead over Apple this year because of its larger multitier product portfolio,” Neil Mawston, executive director at Strategy Analytics, told Reuters.

Brian J. White of Topeka Capital Markets said in a report that he believes Apple will release the iPhone 5S in May or June, but will not release the iPhone mini until next year.

iPhone 5S Parts Leak as Trial Production Begins

With the iPhone 5 just over three months old, rumors and information have already begun to surface about Apple's next generation smartphone. The evidence so far points to summer 2013 as the tentative release date for an iPhone 5S. Apple is likely to improve on the iPhone 5 design with internal upgrades, while keeping the same form factor.

iPhone 5S chassis part

Photos have purportedly been leaked showing the back panel of the iPhone 5S, which exhibits several minor differences from the current iPhone 5 chassis. Most notably there are two screw holes on the inside of the backplate that have been shifted to a slightly different location. ETrade Supply released several photos showing the inside and outside of what they claim is the iPhone 5S housing.

iPhone 5S Could Arrive in Summer 2013

If you thought it was too early to start thinking about Apple's next iPhone, then think again. A report cited by MacRumors points to an iPhone 5S launch next summer, well ahead of the one-year anniversary of the iPhone 5 next September. Not only this, but Apple could also be looking to refresh the iPad with Retina display in June or July.

iPhone 5S coming soon

Announcing a fifth-generation iPad next summer would stagger the update with an iPad mini 2 launch in October 2013. Apple is rumored to already be testing the trial production of an iPhone 5S, with full manufacturing to ramp up early next year. Component suppliers in Asia are expected to benefit from strong demand from Apple during this time period thanks to the new product releases.


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