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iPhone 5S Sapphire Home Button Will Scan Fingerprints

Another report has surfaced indicating Apple plans to launch its next iPhone with a built-in fingerprint sensor. This time KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo explains that a new home button design will be convex instead of the current concave design, to accommodate the fingerprint sensor. The sapphire component will prevent scratches, much like the sapphire camera lens cover currently found on the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5S fingerprint

As MacRumors notes, Kuo has a decent track record offering information on upcoming Apple products. Kuo speculates that the iPhone home button provides the perfect place to use fingerprint sensor technology, and that Apple's use of AuthenTec technology would be advantageous. While many fingerprint sensors use optical recognition, this method can be affected by dust and other contaminants.

Alleged Images of iPhone 5C Pop Up Online

An image of what could be packaging for Apple's rumored low cost, plastic iPhone has popped up online. The alleged photo came from the Chinese WeiPhone forum (via CNET). The image shows a pile of iPhone 5C boxes, with an odd logo that looks like it could belong to a Chinese Apple knockoff. However, the new logo could also be part of an updated Apple design to fit in with the revamped look of iOS 7.

iPhone 5C

Apple is expected to announce the successor to the iPhone 5, dubbed the iPhone 5S by the press, alongside a budget iPhone this fall. Rumors have suggested that the plastic iPhone will be available in an array of rainbow-like colors like the iPod touch. The leaked image of the alleged budget iPhone packaging also has an iPod-like feel.

Rumor Roundup: iPhone 5S Production Begins, Possible Mid-Tier iPhone in the Works

Excitement for the upcoming iPhone 5S has been lackluster when compared to the hype surrounding the iPhone 5, however, this doesn't mean Apple won't sell tons of iPhones this year. 2013 could be the year of "budget" IOS products, which would help Apple compete in the mid-tear market currently being dominated by Android devices. The iPad rumor mill suggests that Apple will release a more affordable iPad mini in 2013, followed by the iPad mini 2 with Retina display in 2014. Apple is also allegedly working on a "mid-tier" iPhone to release alongside its next-generation handset in the fall.

iPhone 5S Rumprs

AllThingsD John Paczkowski's has confirmed Jefferies analyst Peter Misek's report that Apple has began production of its next-generation iPhone for a fall launch. However, Misek also claims that Apple is splitting production of 25 million to 30 million units between the iPhone 5S and its planned budget handset. Misek doesn't think Apple will be competitive in the low-tier market, so he is predicting that the company is aiming for the middle, where both Paczkowski and Misek believe there is plenty of room for growth.

iPhone 5S: No Sign of Fingerprint Scan in Parts

Another batch of alleged iPhone 5S parts is making the rounds, this time from Czech site Letem Svetem Applem. The parts detailed include the next generation home button, vibration motor and front-facing camera. Other leaks have shown gold exterior parts, indicating the iPhone 5S may come in multiple colors.

alleged iphone 5S parts 1

When it comes to the home button pictured, the shape of the Czech part differs from previous photos of iPhone 5S home buttons. The actual button, however does not look much different from current home buttons on several generations of Apple's iPhone. It's possible that the rumors circulating around a fingerprint-scanning home button will not come true this year.

More Gold iPhone 5S Parts Revealed

There's no shortage of Apple rumors circulating this year ahead of WWDC. Next week the company is not expected to announce any new hardware, but a completely redesigned iOS 7 instead. The iPhone 5S won't see the light of day until this fall. In the meantime, this hasn't stopped Nowhereelse.fr from leaking more iPhone 5S parts photos.

iPhone 5S parts

After all, the next generation iPhone is said to have already entered trial production. Although the device will have the same form factor as the current model, the iPhone 5S reportedly has internal improvements and will come in multiple different colors. Anyone who remembers how long the white iPhone 4 was delayed can be forgiven for being skeptical when it comes to these reports.


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