iPhone Backup

New Dock Backs up iPhone Automatically While Charging

Ever forget to sync your iPhone? Tired of waiting for the backups to complete when you just want to add a few iTunes songs to your iPod app? Enter the SuperHero Dock Backup and Charger for iPhone, revealed at CES 2011. This puppy comes with an SD card built-in and backs up your iPhone effortlessly.

apple iphone accessory CES 2011 iomega superhero backup dock

Every time you dock the iPhone to charge, the SuperHero will make an incremental backup of your contacts and photos. The SD card is 4GB and can be replaced with a larger capacity card. More than one iPhone can also be backed up using the SuperHero.

What iPhone data is backed up by iTunes?

Most iPhone owners have been using iTunes to back up their iPhones. This is a smart move, since your data will be saved to your computer in the event something happens to the iPhone. iTunes will restore from the backup file if necessary.

But what exactly does iTunes back up? Contacts? Text messages? Here's a complete list. Each iPhone firmware version backs up the following items:

Speed Up Your iPhone Backups in iTunes

Sometimes backing up the iPhone in iTunes during a sync takes a while. According to Apple, now there's a new way to speed up the process.

Backup times can suffer when there are a large number of photos or videos on the Camera Roll. To speed up your iPhone backup the media files must be imported to your computer, removed from the camera roll, and re-synced to the iPhone.


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