iPhone Backup

Can I turn off backup encryption in iTunes without the password?

Once iTunes is set to encrypt iPhone backups, switching this feature off requires the password. What if the password is forgotten or unknown? You can still reset iTunes to make a fresh backup without encryption. Follow these steps to uncheck Encrypt iPhone backup:

Perform these steps at your own risk!

1. Delete any Mail Exchange accounts on the iPhone.
2. Delete old encrypted backups from iTunes.

What iPhone data is backed up by iCloud?

iCloud automatically backs up your iPhone data, but what exactly is uploaded to Apple's servers for safekeeping?

iCloud backs up and gives you unlimited space for:
Purchased music, apps, books, movies and television shows. Previously purchased items may not be restored if the item is removed from the store.

iCloud backs up and allows 5 GB free storage for:
App data
Home screen icon layout and folders
iOS Settings (including Calendar accounts, Contacts, Favorites, Mail and Wallpaper)
Messages including iMessage, MMS and SMS (text messages)

How do I backup my iPhone with iCloud?

Apple's iCloud servers will automatically back up your iOS device, assuming that iCloud Backup is enabled. To enable iCloud navigate to Settings -> iCloud -> Backup & Storage.

The backup runs automatically every day when your device is:

Connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi
Connected to your charger
Your device screen is locked

You can back up with iCloud manually if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network by selecting Settings -> iCloud -> Storage & Backup -> Back Up Now.


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