iPhone Clock

How can I set my iPhone clock to 24 hour / military time?

If you're looking to set your iPhone lock screen to 24 hour time instead of the typical AM / PM clock, here are instructions:

1. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Date & Time
2. Select 24-Hour Time -> ON

Now your lock screen clock, as well as any time functions on your iPhone including World Clocks, Alarms and the like will all display 24 hour time. To switch back to 12-hour time with AM and PM just tap 24-Hour Time -> OFF in the Settings.

Change iPhone Lockscreen Clock and Date Colors

Customizing the colors of your iPhone lockscreen time and date is simple, provided you have already jailbroken your device. A new tweak available on Cydia makes it possible to choose any color for the display, instead of the default white.

ClockColor iPhone tweak

ColorClock can be found in Cydia under Sections -> Tweaks or by using the Search function. The tweak comes to us from developer Rudolph Lichtner for free. You can choose custom colors for the time and date separately using Settings.

Jan 3 and iPhone Alarm Still Not Working? Here's Why.

As you're already likely very aware, countless iPhone owners overslept the first two days of 2011 because of a bug in the iPhone's software that prevented alarms scheduled to go off on January 1 or January 2 from doing so. Apple acknowledged the bug publically, and indicated that not only was a fix in the works -- but that iPhone owners could expect their alarms to begin working on January 3 without needing to do anything. The only problem? For many of you, January 3 rolled around, and your alarm failed to go off yet again. The good news? There appears to be a simple fix.


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