Apple to launch AR headset with rOS in 2020

Tesla Model 3 in Quartz iOS app AR

According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on its next "breakthrough" product- one that could even succeed the iPhone. Apple is betting big on Augmented Reality (AR), with the initial strides in this direction marked by ARKit released with iOS 11. While iOS devices have laid the groundwork for the company's AR work, the future points to a completely new product category.

5 best cases for the iPhone X

Speck Presidio Clear iPhone X

New iPhone X owners may want to reconsider going caseless now that the smartphone has been deemed the “most breakable" Apple device ever released by warranty provider SquareTrade. The iPhone X has performed miserably in drop tests and it is the most expensive iPhone ever to repair. The OLED display on the iPhone X is much more costly to replace than the LCD screens found on previous models. Apple lists screen repair for the iPhone X at $279 and all other damage at $549. The iPhone 8 Plus is only $169 for screen repair and $399 for other damage, as a comparison.

iPhone X launch spawns Animoji Karaoke videos

Now that the iPhone X has been released, owners of the device are flexing all of its capabilities. One of the highlights is Apple's Animoji, which uses the front facing TrueDepth camera to animate wacky creatures. And what better way to use a $1,000 smartphone than to lip sync videos with those creatures? Enter the Animoji karaoke phenomenon, spreading across Twitter and other social media.

iOS App of the Week: The Muscle Hustle

The Muscle Hustle

Nobody is arguing that freemium titles shouldn't have a way to make money, but games that make you wait to play are pointless and nobody likes being forced to sit through ads. Like anything else, there are both good and bad examples of freemium games on the Apple App Store, and The Muscle Hustle is an example of freemium done right.

The free wrestling game is not ad supported, and it only has timers if you're defeated. You can purchase additional in-game currency (gold) to spend on character drafts, revives, additional characters slots and tickets to special events. Basically, you can choose to grind it out or spend real world money to get some extra benefits.

Iron Marines update coming in November


Ironhide Game Studio has big plans for its recently released real-time strategy game Iron Marines. The developers plan on keeping players interested by releasing mini-missions while a bigger update is in the works, according to Touch Arcade. The first smaller update will hit devices on November 9th. It will include a two stage special ops mission, a new Sagan-1 story, a new Ascendaar story featuring Rob070, and two new premium bosses, Guiying and Trabuco.


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