Kingdom Rush developer announces Iron Marines release date

Iron Marines

It is no secret that we consider the Kingdom Rush series to be one of the best TD trilogies available for mobile devices. That's why we were very excited to hear that the game's developer, Ironhide Game Studio, has officially announced a release date for its latest title, Iron Marines.

AirPods to get more controls with iOS 11

Apple AirPods 2016

Apple is set to expand the functionality of AirPods with the upcoming release of iOS 11. The update builds on a string of firmware updates that have been rolled out to Apple's wireless headphones since their initial release. The most significant new feature came with iOS 10.3, allowing AirPods to be found using the iCloud service Find My AirPods.

iOS App of the Week: Cuddli - Dating app for geeks


Dating apps for "geeks" isn't a new concept, but Cuddli wants to be the new hangout for single people who share a common interest in anything considered nerdy. This includes cosplay enthusiasts, comic book lovers, Game of Thrones fans and so on.

Cuddli is a location based app that connects you to other people in your area who enjoy the same hobbies. Unlike some dating apps, you do not need a real Facebook profile to join, and there is no lengthy sign-up process. You just choose your user name, upload a photo, then select 5 icons that represent your interest. Once your profile is complete, you will then be connected to other geeky fanboys or girls in your area.

Will Last Day on Earth data be wiped after the beta?

Ask the Dev Team

The development team behind the popular zombie survival game Last Day on Earth has launched a new weekly column titled “Ask the Dev Team." Each Wednesday the team will answer some of the most asked questions posted on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. One of the biggest questions this week was, "are you resetting everyone’s progress after the game is released?"

Apple joins Instagram to showcase iPhone photos

Instagram @apple #ShotoniPhone

Apple has been expanding its "Shot on iPhone" ad campaign for some time through various media channels. Now the company has launched an official Instagram page at @apple to showcase iPhone images. The photos come from iPhone users across the globe. Apple says anyone using the hashtag #ShotoniPhone will put their photos in the running to be featured on @apple.


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