Selling Your iPhone: Gazelle vs. Nextworth

If you haven't already done so, there is still time to trade-in your older iPhone model and upgrade to an iPhone 5s... Especially if you're holding out for the elusive gold edition. Some trade-in services such as NextWorth and Gazelle are still offering around $200 for used iPhone 4S models in working condition. "Working condition" normally means the phone powers on, does not have a cracked display and has zero water damage.

iPhone 5S

You can even trade in your phone and have money left over for a new model if you're still locked into a carrier contract. For example, NextWorth is offering up to $323 for a used 64GB iPhone 5. That's enough money to pay off AT&T's early termination fee on a one year contract with around $120 left over to put towards a new iPhone.

NextWorth Matches Used iPhone Buyers and Sellers

Looking to upgrade to 3G but not sure what to do with your old iPhone? NextWorth offers a trade-in service or will buy your used Apple hardware for cash. The company inspects all incoming late model iPhones and iPods before cutting a check then offering the item for sale. Not only does this satisfy the demand for older generation iPhones, it allows owners to recoup value from their old phone while keeping used devices out of the waste stream.

iphone recycling

True, one may fetch a higher price in an online auction, especially if the used iPhone is unlocked. NextWorth simplifies the process for those who don't have the time or inclination to deal with unknown bidders and shipping hassles. Prices offered depend on market conditions, however at the time of this writing a first-generation 8GB iPhone with 'normal wear' is netting $177.10. Almost enough for a brand new 3G.

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