Why did my iPhone receive a Presidential Alert?

Emergency Broadcast System

This afternoon many iPhone owners across the US are wondering why their devices received two emergency notification tests. So-called Presidential Alerts are sent by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to all wireless subscribers nationwide. Unlike normal Emergency Alerts and AMBER Alerts, these Presidential Alerts cannot be turned off.

How to hide notification badges on iPhone and iPad

How to hide notification badges on iPhone and iPad.

Notification badges are great at doing their job - letting you know that there is something you need to look at in the notifying app. The problem is they can easily become overwhelming if you have tons of apps constantly demanding attention for every minor event. While you likely want to know when new emails are sitting in your work inbox, you may not want to know every time your troops are ready to battle, or every time somebody has posted in a Telegram room with 10K subscribers.

How to silence notifications on your iOS device

Quiet Notifications

iOS 12 introduces the ability to "tune" your notifications from the Notifications Center. Swiping left on an notification or a group of notifications will now bring up 3 options: Manage, View, Clear All. Tapping "Manage" gives you the option to deliver notifications quietly. Quiet notifications will still appear in the notification center but will not play a sound, appear on your Lock screen, or present a banner or badge icon.


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