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iPhoneradamus Predicts September 7 iPhone 5 Launch

I don't know which is more annoying, all the iPhone 5 release date predictions, or all the conflicting reports about who will win the smartphone marketshare.

The latest next-generation iPhone rumor has the iPhone 5 being released the first week of September, prompting some tech blogs to crunch some Harold Camping type numbers and predict a Sept. 7 launch. According to the unverified reports, the iPhone 5 will come pre-loaded with Apple's latest operating system, the iOS 5, which was confirmed to be getting a fall release at this year's WWDC. Sept. 7 is also a Wednesday, the day Apple generally chooses to make its announcements. I guess that is another reason the date was chosen.


Some blogs are pointing to misinformation from the International Business Times, who appears to have started the rumor by plucking it out of thin air. Chris Smith noted that the IBTimes said iOS 5 will be released in July, but that's OS X Lion's launch date, not the iOS 5. And John Brownlee of Cult of Mac was left scratching his head over their claim that Apple is finding it “difficult to contend” with future Android devices.

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