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iOS 4.2 Update Fixes iPhone Passcode Security

Now there's another reason to update your iPhone when Apple releases the iOS 4.2 firmware this November. The company has stated they are aware of the passcode lock security flaw and will issue a fix with the update. It's not clear whether or not Apple had the fix on their radar before reports about the security hole hit the web this week.

apple iphone lock screen emergency call security hole

A forum user posted the simple procedure which allows iPhones to be accessed even if passcode lock is engaged. With a simple button sequence at the right time the Phone app can be accessed along with all of the contact information stored on an iPhone. Contacts can be called, emailed or even sent an MMS once the iPhone has been accessed, completely avoiding the four-digit passcode.

iPhone Passcode Lock Security Flaw Revealed

Your iPhone personal data is protected by the passcode lock screen at all times, right? Turns out that it's pretty simple to bypass the four-digit passcode to access the phone app revealing contacts, email information, recent calls and even visual voicemail. The process to circumvent the passcode lock revolves around the emergency call feature built into iPhones to allow 911 calls on a locked phone.

apple iphone lock screen emergency call security hole

MacRumors forum user jordand321 announced the security flaw this weekend. The problem happens when the iPhone is locked but you enter the emergency call screen. Type any non-emergency number and touch the call button.

Protect Your Personal Data From the iPhone 2.0.2 Firmware Security Flaw

Many iPhone users have used the passcode lock feature to protect personal data. So everyone's information is safe and secure, right? Turns out it can easily be viewed without the password if the phone has been updated to firmware version 2.0.2. Even if the phone is locked, in emergency call mode a double-click of the home button brings up favorite contacts.

This alone might not be a problem, except that from this screen dialing provides access to the full contacts list, voicemail, and dial keypad. From the contacts list, sending a text opens the SMS application and text history. One click on an email address opens the mail application and all of your mailboxes. Similarly, any links in emails or contacts will open Safari, including history and bookmarks.


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