Pokémon Duel lands on the US App Store

Pokémon Duel

After launching in Japan, Pokémon Duel is finally available on the US App Store and other regions. Unfortunately the game's servers are currently under maintenance and it wont be available to play until later today. Just to be clear, Pokémon Duel is available to download through this link, but you won't be able to access the game until at least 4:00pm.

Update: Pokémon Duel is up and running in the US.

Yelp adds PokéStop filter to search results

PokéStop Yelp filter

Seems like everywhere one goes nowadays there is someone hunting down Pokémon with their iPhone. Yelp has decided to get in on the action, and now Yelpers can utilize a search filter designed to help find local businesses close to PokéStops. The company announced the new feature on its official blog.

Pokémon Go having full access to Google accounts was a mistake, fix coming soon

Pokémon Go Security

Update: Pokémon Go has been updated to version 1.0.1 with security fixes.

  • Trainers do not to have to enter their username and password repeatedly after a force logout.
  • Added stability to Pokémon Trainer Club account log-in process.
  • Resolved issues causing crashes.
  • Fixed Google account scope.

The internet blew up on Monday after it was discovered that some Pokémon GO players had unknowingly granted the game's developer Niantic full access to their Google accounts. Signing up for the game using your Google profile grants Nintanic permission to view and modify all the information stored in your account, including your Gmail and Google Drive documents. Users can only sign up to Pokémon GO through Google or with an existing Pokémon Trainer account, which means Niantic has access to a lot of Google profiles.

Pokémon GO slowly making its way to the US App Store

Pokémon GO

After launching on Google Play, Niantic's augmented reality game Pokémon GO has been slowly rolling out around the world for iOS starting with New Zealand and Australia. IOS games "soft launching" in New Zealand is nothing new. Developers tend to release their games to the New Zealand App Store as a test before launching worldwide.

Pokémon GO looking for early testers in US

Niantic, in collaboration with The Pokémon Company, is now accepting applications for field testers for its upcoming mobile Pokémon title. Pokémon GO is a real world game that combines mobile location technology and augmented reality so players can go outside and catch wild Pokémon with their Android or iOS devices. The game is slated for a 2016 release, and Niantic is looking for early testers to help make it "launch-ready."


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