Apple Expected to Release iPhone SMS Fix

A massive iPhone security flaw was illustrated on Thursday by Charlie Miller and Collin Mulliner at the Black Hat 2009 conference in Las Vegas. Word of the demonstration had been brewing for days, however Apple has remained silent on the issue.

The problem makes it possible for iPhones to receive binary programs through SMS messages without the user's knowledge. These programs can then give someone using the exploit complete control over the device.

iSMS Text Messaging Replacement for iPhone

Newly available via Installer/AppTapp is iSMS, a native text messaging client replacement for the iPhone. iSMS - also called weiSMS, is partially based on WeSMS, a Chinese SMS application, and provides a list of features/enhancemens not found in the standard iPhone SMS application. These lacking features have been high on iPhone owners' lists of gripes with the iPhone.

bulk sms on the iphone

Though very much a beta, officially only a "preview release", iSMS provides many functions not available when sending text messages on the iPhone through the included interface. The two most prominent of these added features are the ability to send a text message to multiple recipients (or bulk SMS) and the ability to forward received text messages.

The list of major SMS features not normally available on the iPhone which iSMS adds includes the following:


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