Is Apple Blocking Siri on non-iPhone 4S Devices?

Several reports about Apple altering its requirements for Siri are causing people to wonder if the company is trying to block non-iPhone 4S devices from using the voice assistant. A new token is causing a problem for owners who are trying to connect using jailbreak tools like Spire.


Originally to get Siri to work on an non-iPhone 4S device you only needed a sever host and iPhone 4S certificate. However, according to several forums and Twitter, Apple has added a SetActivationToken which is causing issues with 3rd party servers. Thankfully their seems to be a temporary workaround.

Spire Brings Siri To iPhone 4 and Other iOS 5 Devices

iOS hackers chpwn and Ryan Petrich have released Spire, a new installer that will bring Siri to your jailbroken iOS device without any copyright concerns. Spire is available in Cydia right now, but uses 100 MB of data, so make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi before installing. You will also need to enter your own proxy server address for it to work. Chpwn created a list of suggestions in case you need help.

Siri iPhone 4

If you already own an iPhone 4S or know someone else who does, setting up a proxy should be easier. If you do not have access to an iPhone 4S you will have to be more creative. Chpwn admits Spire is "far from perfect" but it's a positive step towards bringing Siri to other iOS devices besides the iPhone 4S.

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