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Sliding Case Turns Your iPhone Into a Universal Remote Control

Now you can turn your iPhone into a customizable universal remote control without using a dock or attaching a dongle. POWER A has developed a slide-on iPhone case that conceals infrared hardware in a sleek package.

apple iphone power a remote case

After putting the case on your iPhone the bottom end becomes the top of your remote control. Just run the free application called POWER A Universal Remote and control all of your devices.

Use Your iPhone as a Universal Remote Control

That's right, just plug the infrared accessory into the USB port on the bottom of your iPhone and you have a fully customizable remote control. Two companies have introduced competing products at CES 2010.

NewKinetix iPhone Re Universal Remote

Both devices will come with a free companion app for download in the AppStore. The infrared adaptors are expected to hit stores within the first quarter of 2010 and will cost less than Wi-Fi based remote control solutions.

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