Verizon Wireless iPhone

Can I keep / transfer my current phone number to a Verizon iPhone?

If you're a current Verizon customer you can keep your phone number when upgrading to the iPhone. New customers can transfer their existing phone number to Verizon if the number is portable. You can check to see if your number is eligible to port here.

You must keep your phone number active with your old carrier until the transfer is complete.

Can I access my existing voicemail messages on the Verizon iPhone?

If you are a new Verizon Wireless customer your voicemail messages will not be transferred from your old carrier to Verizon.

Current Verizon customers who purchase an iPhone will find that once their iPhone is activated, their existing voice mailbox messages and greetings will be erased. You can follow these steps to save existing voice mail messages before activation.

How can I save my existing Verizon voice mail messages before iPhone activation?

Current Verizon customers can save their existing voicemail messages before activating a new iPhone. After activation, old voice messages and greetings will be erased. Follow these steps to back up your existing voice messages:

If your current phone is Verizon Wireless Visual Voice Mail capable:

1. Start a subscription if you don't already have one ($2.99 per month).
2. On your device navigate to Visual Voice Mail -> Select the Message Menu -> Options -> Save A Copy/Archive -> Save to SD Card or External Memory (steps will vary based on device model).

Can the Verizon iPhone 4 make simultaneous data and voice calls?

No. One drawback of CDMA network technology is that the Verizon Wireless iPhone 4 will drop data connections for incoming calls. You must hang up the phone before checking your web browser or sending an SMS.

In contrast, the AT&T Mobility GSM network allows simultaneous data and voice calling. This means you can talk on the phone while sending text messages or browsing the web.


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